Limited edition Space Surfer design on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic with custom hand-painted dial.
Customized Space Surfer concept applied on Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic watch.
Exclusive hand-painted Space Surfer timepiece in the Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic series.
Unique Space Surfer art realized on the dial of the Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic.
Limited edition Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic featuring a customized, hand-painted Space Surfer motif.
Artistic Space Surfer theme on custom dial of Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic timepiece.
Hand-painted Space Surfer narrative on the limited edition Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic watch.
Customized limited edition Citizen Tsuyosa Automatic watch with unique Space Surfer design.

Space Surfer Concept

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Product description

Embark on an astral voyage with the Space Surfer Concept, elegantly showcased on the precise Tsuyosa Automatic Series. This limited edition creation brings the majesty of the cosmos to your wrist with its hand-painted dial, where an astronaut rides the waves of a distant planet's rings. Each brushstroke is a testament to the art of exploration, blending vibrant colors and imaginative design to capture the essence of a boundless journey through space.

Designed for the dreamers and the trailblazers, the Space Surfer watch is a symbol of adventure and the unquenchable human spirit. It’s a wearable narrative that resonates with those who seek to chart their own path in the universe, turning every moment into an opportunity for discovery and wonder.

Distinctive and hand-painted, no two dials are alike.
Limited Edition Concept.


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